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Our goal is to protect people and materials worldwide against infection and contamination in a preventive manner.


schülke, your partner in hygiene and preservation

Schülke & Mayr GmbH is a chemical and pharmaceutical company based in Norderstedt (Schleswig-Holstein), Germany. Internationally, schülke is a market leader in hygiene, infection prevention and technical chemical preservation. Our mission is the global preventive fight against disease and contamination.

We develop, product and sell over 220 products in more than 80 countries. These include disinfectants, antiseptics, medicated skin care products, preservatives (for technical and cosmetics applications), active ingredients for deodorants and system cleaners. Our medical devices, biocides, medicinal and cosmetic products always meet legal requirements.

Our portfolio includes innovative technologies, products and services in the core business areas of Hygiene International and Special Additives International.


With 130 years of experience, schülke is one of the pioneers of modern hygienen and preservation

In 1889, founders Rudolf Schülke and Julius Mayr entered the market with Lysol®, the first brand-name disinfectant. In 1892, the raging cholera epidemic in Hamburg was successfully controlled with it.

What began with the protection of people from harmful microorganism was consequently carried over into the protection of industrially manufactured products in 1924 with the introduction of grotan®, the first brand-name preservative worldwide. In 2001, the first pain-free mucous membrane and wound disinfectant octenisept® was awarded the title "Drug of the Year" by pharmacists from all over Germany. These examples show that today, just as over 100 years ago, innovative strength is an essential part of our company's philosophy. 200 patents, certificates, and awards attest to schülke's innovativeness.

Since 1996, schülke has been a part of the French corporation AIR LIQUIDE, a global enterprise that is primarily active in the production and marketing of industrial and medical gasses.