sensiva® SC 50 - outstanding quality due to patented stabilisation

sensiva® SC 50 is the pure ethylhexylglycerin (>99%). The safety of sensiva® SC 50 is ensured by its high purity grade of ethylhexylglyerin having an extreme low impurity profile. Its patented stabilisation excludes the risk of formation of unknown impurities due to degradation and guarantees a constant quality during storage for the whole shelf life of three years.

  • multifunctional cosmetic ingredient
  • skin care additive and emollient
  • booster for antimicrobials
  • boosting and fixating of fragrance ingredients
  • patented stabilization system

Additional literature

Guidelines for Formulating Sensiva SC 50 into Emulsions

Guidelines for formulating sensiva SC 50 into emulsions

A Multifunctional Ingredient for Leave on Cosmetics

Ethylhexylglycerin - Highly Pure Quality By Patented Stabilisation  
Dr. K. Weber , K. Stoffels

SÖFW 04/2015


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