This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to common questions of ethylhexylglycerin based products.

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How to minimise the amount of preservative actives in a formulation?
  • Combination of preservative actives
  • Addition of multifunctional actives to boost the antimicrobial effect
  • Addition of chelating agents
  • Combination of multifunctional actives to achieve self-preserving systems
Why using a booster?

In response to the increasing discussion about preservative actives, there has been interest in reducing the amount of traditional preservatives in cosmetic formulations. Therefore methods of enhancing the efficacy of traditional preservative actives, so that lower levels of these materials can be used, have become increasingly of interest.

How do chelating agents work?

Chelating agents can be used to increase the efficacy of antimicrobial substances. They remove multivalent cations from the cell membrane of the microbes by forming complexes, weakening the outer surface by decreases membrane stability and making them more vulnerable to biocidal attack.


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