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Skin care properties

Medium spreading emollient

The selection of emollients is critical to the character of a cosmetic product. High contents of fast spreading emollients lead to light creams with a smooth skin feel. High contents of slow spreading emollients are used in rich creams with refatting properties. Medium spreading emollients close the gap between fast and slow spreading emollients, improving the refatting properties and extending the smooth skin feel of cosmetic formulations.

To achieve a long lasting soft and smooth skin feel, a combination of fast, medium and slow spreading emollients is necessary. ethylhexylglycerin is a medium spreading emollient with a spreading coefficient of about 700 mm2/10 min. The spreading properties are similar to those of dodecyl oleate, hexyldecanol or cetearyl isononanoate.

Sensory assessmennt

Ethylhexylglycerin is able to reduce the tackiness and increase the speed of absorption of glycerin-containing emulsions significantly. In addition, ethylhexylglycerin is shown to reduce the greasiness and soaping and improve the overall impression. 

Ethylhexylglycerin (sensiva® SC 50) can compensate some well-known disadvantages of glycerin-containing emulsions.

ethylhexylglycerin - sensory assessmentzoom

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